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If it’s important to you

The objective of this Institute is to share new scientific knowledge that I have gathered over the last fifteen years and that has led me to develop a new citizen science that I have named SOCIETALogy. 1 

This new science is a management science that helps us achieve two goals: 

  1. To help our societies achieve a balance as we all try to meet our individual and collective needs.
  2. To increase the level of competence of all citizens. 2

To share this new knowledge, I have created two YouTube channels that you can access through these addresses:  SOCIETALogy.com and SOCIETALlyyours.com. 

SOCIETALogy.com SOCIETALlyyours.com

The first channel aims to allow citizens who wish to do so, to better understand the societies in which they live and the different roles they play within them.  

To achieve this, I will produce around 100 explainer videos containing animations and visual aids. This will allow citizens to be initiated more easily to this new science which is theirs

This channel is for those who prefer to learn the various best practices that arises from this new management science rather than the science itself

In all, I should produce about 50 animated explanatory videos. 

In addition, once enough explainer videos will have been published, I will also occasionally publish analyses on current topics. 

Translations and adaptations

List of currently available videos

Upcoming initiatives

The first videos will be produced in French and English.

However, wherever we live on our global village, we are all citizens and we all live in societies, I would like these explainer videos to be translated and adapted so that this knowledge is known by all.

I would therefore like them to be available in the 10 most used languages.

Community of practice for Citizens

It is one thing to learn new knowledge; it is another one to understand it or to implement it.

In order to facilitate the process, when there will be enough subscriber to the YouTube channels above, I will create the first ever community of practice (CoP) for citizens (CoPc).

I will be discussing the peculiarities of a CoPC in the 3rd and 5th explainer videos that will be published on the SOCIETALogy.com  channel.

In the meantime, if you want to understand the concept, you can read this article in Wikipedia.

If it’s important for you

If it’s important to you

One of the important conclusions of societalogy is that

the better the citizens, the better the societies.

If it’s important to you

the better the citizens,

It is therefore important to help citizens become more knowledgeable, more competent. If you think this is an important initiative and you want to support it, please contribute financially.

SOCIETALly yours,

Denis Pageau


1 –  The term societalogy is a neologism which associates the words SOCIETAL of the classical Latin: societas, ‘association’ and LOGY of Greek origin: study.

Thus, SOCIETALogy study societies as associations.

Since associations are a type of organization, the science that studies societies must therefore be a management science. This explains why SOCIETALogy is a management science.

2 – Since societies are associations, they belong to all those who live within them: the citizens. 

Citizens are therefore co-owners of the societies in which they live and are therefore co-responsible for their management. As such, citizenship must be studied as a profession. Moreover, societalogically speaking, citizenship is our premier profession.

SOCIETALogy therefore studies both societies as organizations and citizenship as a profession which are the two sides of the same coin. Indeed, there can be no societies without citizens and there can be no citizens without societies.