Citizen Engagement

Increasing Citizen Engagement

Societies are only the results of our
individual, group and collective actions

Considering that societies are only the results of our individual, group and collective actions, and that the only change agents in any society are the citizens, citizen engagement is not only important but essential if we want to facilitate both:

– the development and societal integration of citizens,
– the functioning and the development of the collectivity.

It is only when these two objectives are met that we achieve societal equilibrium.

However to achieve this equilibrium, the Global Citizen Societal Footprint of citizens living in a given society must be positive.

This means that their positive Societal Footprint must be higher than their negative Societal Footprint.

The SOCIETALogy Institute has developed an approach that will help you help your fellow citizens increase their overall Citizen Societal Footprint and thus help you optimize the use of the societal resources present in your society,

To achieve this, we offer the following tools:

1 – Online Communities of practice for Citizens. (Dialogum – The perfect online tool to consult your fellow citizens and more )
2 – Citizen Quotient™ (In development)

to which we add conferences and training sessions.

Do you Want to Increase the Overall Quality of Your Fellow Citizens Footprint?

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The SOCIETALogy Team