Our Goals

The Shortest Road to Equilibrium

SOCIETALogy is a management science. All management sciences are aimed at helping managers achieve their goals by optimizing the use of resources. In the case of societies, be it a local, provincial, state or national society, the goal is to strike a balance in how a society responds to the individual and collective needs of all citizens. A “good” society is therefore a balanced society.

The shortest road to achieve this equilibrium is to implement societal best practices. Studies shows that implementing change is always easier when people affected by the change are involved in the process and that the data used, including objectives, is coherent and consistent.

“The interconnection of theoretical argument to research method to applied practice is impressive.” George Touche, PhD, Sociology

Considering these three elements the SOCIETALogy Institute aims to achieve three goals:

• Create knowledge and identify best practices.
• Share these knowledge and best practices
• Implement best practices

These three goals form the Societal Change Continuum  which paves the road to equilibrium, which is a the heart of a society’s quality of life.

Create Knowledge and Identify Best Practices.

The SOCIETALogy Institute’s first goal is naturally linked with the societalogical science per se.  Hence it needs to promote this new science through conferences, articles and training.

The SOCIETALogy Institute must also use this science to study  societies and to identify practices that help achieve balance.

The Institute also studies citizens and identifies the competences that citizens must possess in order to play their role.

The SOCIETALogy Institute must ensure that the practices it promote create or maintain an environment where citizens are free to develop as they wish (Freedom) and where when appropriate, they restrain their actions to allow their fellow citizens to develop as they wish. (Liberty).

Share Knowledge and Best Practices 

Creating knowledge and identifying best practice is one thing, but if these are not shared, then they are not very useful, hence the Institute will facilitate dialogues on this knowledge and best practice through communities of practice for citizens.

To achieve this, the institute has created an environment where interested citizens will be able to have constructive, professional and respectful dialogues on global and local practices. This environment is named Dialogum. Through Dialogues, citizens will be able to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the best available practices and decide or at least give clear indications of which practices they would like to see implemented.

Implement Best Practices

Implementing best practices requires collaboration and the coordination of actions between citizens whether they work for the different governments, civic and private organizations or act as citizens who, societalogically speaking, are co-owners of societies.

To facilitate collaboration and coordination the Institute has developed a core societal planning organizations called Citizens and Societies whose objective is to facilitate dialogues on best practices using Dialogum and then implementing them.

Do you want to lead the way on the road to equilibrium and implement the of Societal Change Continuum in your city? If so, we are open to partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

Societally yours
The Societalogy team.