About Denis Pageau

About Denis Pageau

Mr. Denis Pageau was born in Quebec City at the beginning of the Quiet Revolution. At the age of 7 he moved with his parents to Miami Florida, where he learned English only to come back to Quebec City the next year where he stayed until he completed his high school (1976) and college education (Degree in Human Sciences 1982). In 1982 he moved to study at the University of Ottawa from which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Certificate in Public Administration. In 2006, he obtained an MBA in E-Business from Laval University. Interestingly enough, these are the three fields M. Pageau had an interest in as he was making a choice for his college education:: psychology, administration or computing science.

M. Pageau is a generalist and an early adopter of best practices. He fully embraced Peter Drucker’s Knowledge Society concept as well as embarking early on in the Information and technology era. He was a member of several organizations associated with social planning. He has front-line experience working with different clientele, both in terms of ages and issues. He has managerial experience in educational, health and social services.

Although a baby boomer, Mr. Pageau is a late bloomer as he only found his “true calling” in 2005 as he tried to find a way to adapt Etienne Wenger‘s concept of communities of practices, so that it can be used to help citizens participate in the social planning and development of their societies. This led to the beginning of his Societalogical Journey in 2007.

The result of this journey led him to develop the Societal Change Continuum that includes a science and an Institute, SOCIETALogy and the SOCIETALogy Institute, as well as a new global community of practice for Citizens called DIALOGUM a long with the basis for a network of SOCIETAL planning organizations soon to be launched (early 2018) called Citizens and Societies.

Mr. Pageau does encourage interested people to contact him if they want to implement this Societal Change Continuum in their city.